Redefining Passion

Accepting yourself even if you are unsure of your passion

Madhuri Jain
4 min readJul 11, 2022

We see a lot of career coaches, self-help gurus, and content creators on social media these days. The majority of them discuss how they achieved success and how you can do the same. It frequently presses me to discover my passion, and at times I feel as if I am useless if I do not.

I’ve always believed that passion is what keeps you awake. I grew up watching movies and reading books where people discovered their passion early in life and knew what they wanted to achieve, but I never had that realization that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life and that thought frustrates me a lot. I am usually excited when I come across a new idea or domain, but that excitement usually fades after two to three days, and I go back at square one, looking for a new area in the hope that it will become my passion.

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Even today, I ask myself the following questions.

  • Will I ever find my calling?
  • What is the purpose of life?
  • How will I realize that this is my true calling?
  • What if I never find my true calling?
  • Is it possible that I am not good enough because I have yet to identify what
  • I am passionate about?
  • What does success entail?
  • Is success a journey or a goal?

I kept reading self-help books in the hope that it would help me find answers to the above questions. I haven’t found the answers yet. But there are a few realizations that have occurred to me, and I am writing this article to help me remember them and clear up the chaos that these questions continue to create in my mind. This piece will remind me that it is okay if it does not click or if I do not achieve the passion breakthrough. There is a chance that you may be asking yourself any of the above questions and may find some answers after reading this article.

I’m at a point where I feel extreme guilt for not always being there for my child, but I also need my own time to think about ways to excel at what I do professionally or a hobby that I want to pursue indefinitely. Taking inspiration from others can be motivating, but copying them exactly will not help you progress on your journey. Everyone’s life is unique, and they must define what works best for them. After much deliberation, I decided to forge my own path to success. So far, here are my key takeaways.

  • Life is full of landmarks. If we see success as a destination, it becomes the end of our lives. Hence, I will have to define my own milestones of success.
  • Success cannot always be defined in terms of monetary value. For example, few people can define success in overcoming fears that they have carried since childhood.
  • Constant learning matters the most. Learning should not stop at any point in life.

“Continuous Learning is the minimum requirement of success in any field- Brian Tracy”

  • I must always be on the lookout for new opportunities. According to Sheryl Sandberg’s book “Lean In,” a career is a jungle gym rather than a ladder. You might want to look for opportunities and seize whatever falls into your lap. This was a watershed moment for me as I was terrified of trying anything new. I used to believe that I lacked the necessary skills for the position.
  • I can’t always seek happiness; I have to focus on my current tasks and give my best. Upon completing important tasks does gives a sense of fulfillment. This is where I will achieve real joy.
  • I may not feel motivated every day, but I must persevere. Passion does not imply that I will look forward to doing it every day. There will be days when I do not feel like doing anything, which is fine.
  • You can not achieve anything at the expense of your health.

Final Thought

I’m still trying to figure out what my life will be like in ten years. But if I keep the above takeaways in mind, I think I’ll be just fine and this might be true for you too !!



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