Finding a Right Balance between Work and Family

How women can expand their vision and commit to self-satisfaction

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Definition of Work-Life Balance

How this term came into existence?

Current Situation

Challenges Faced by Working Women

Consequences of poor work-life balance

  1. Women feel irritable, resentful, and unsatisfied due to their inability to balance work and personal life.
  2. They do not find time for their hobbies.
  3. They compromise their health.
  4. If they are overtired, it reduces their ability to work productively and think clearly. This can take a toll on their professional reputation.[2]

Practical tips that I have learned and am trying to implement

  1. Do not hesitate to ask for help
  2. Plan your meals. If you are going to cook, it is important to plan the menu and buy the required groceries in advance.
  3. Do not use your brain as a calendar. Use reminders. The brain should be used for developing ideas, not as a storage box. This technique will help you remember important tasks timely.
  4. Learn to delegate tasks in an efficient manner
  5. Do not wait till the last moment to get exhausted by doing something continuously. It will come out like an explosion.
  6. Learn to communicate your feelings as clearly as possible without creating unnecessary drama.
  7. Focus on solving the problem at hand rather than talking about it to the wrong people.
  8. Try using the Pomodoro technique while at work to increase focus on a single task.
  9. Plan a vacation.
  10. Try to slow down and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee alone as your me-time.
  11. Learn to prioritize and focus on only those things that are important and allocate separate time for doing the errands.

Other helpful factors

  1. Ask for support from parents and in-laws and try communicating the importance of working and the kind of satisfaction it brings to you.
  2. Seek support from your husband in contributing to housework.
  3. Do not try to keep everyone happy compromising your own happiness.
  4. Find time to pursue at least one hobby.






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