How women can expand their vision and commit to self-satisfaction

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We hear a lot about the term work-life balance. Several organizations have started using this term for the people who are not parents but seek a balance between work and non-work related activities such as sports, study, or travel [1]. In this article, I will refer to this term for finding a balance between work and non-work-related activities such as parenting, house chores, managing social relations for women.

Let us first understand the general meaning of the term.

Although this term is widely used, the literature does not contain one clear definition for the term. One of the definitions that…

Course notes of: AI for medical specialization


The best way to get deeper understanding of machine learning is to apply machine learning to different areas. One of the most exciting applications is the field of medicine. This course will focus on teaching how we can diagnose pneumonia from unstructured data or identify heart attack risk based on patient’s lab result.

It is a three course specialization.

  1. First course will focus on building machine learning models for diagnosis. Diagnosis is all about identifying disease. …

What does a girl face after moving to a new home?

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Despite a change in the perception of how a girl is treated after she is married, people are still in a transition period.

After marriage, the very first thing that changes is the surname. Sometimes people ask questions like, What’s the big deal about changing the surname?

It is challenging to answer such questions while others ask them. When a person cannot change even one thing in their lives, a girl is often asked to change her surname or even name, house, and family to acquire a new identity as a wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, or any other characters.

Since she…

Importance of Financial awareness

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I never learned to manage my finances before I started my job. Hence when I started receiving my salary, I was focused on spending it on my travel, shopping, and eating outside. I felt like a queen with financial freedom, whatever I earnt I ensured I spent. After few years I realized I should start to save for rainy days hence I planned to invest in mutual funds without knowing what exactly are mutual funds and where these fund managers are going to invest my money. Trusting my brother’s suggestion I started investing a small portion of my salary.


A myth of achieving everything in life

“Some women prioritize career. Others prioritize their kids. It’s those who try to juggle both who often feel they aren’t succeeding at either.” [2]

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“Female or a Woman or a Girl”: A really complicated creature on the earth according to their counterpart “Male or a Man”. It is very difficult to understand this species. I myself being a female sometimes fail to understand my own thoughts and requirements.

I try to have it all in my life: a satisfactory career (and be aware I am not talking in terms of only money, I need job satisfaction too), A fulfilled marriage(where…

Meaning of Deep Work and Its Impact

In this era of technology where plenty of notifications are craving our attention, it becomes difficult to focus on something for a longer period of time as our attention span has dwindled. In addition, work from home has given us the freedom to multitask. Speaking on the phone while checking emails, attending a meeting while responding to teams' messages are a subset of such examples.

Several times it happens to me that even though I am highly occupied during my office hours, I see my phone, grab it, open the social media or news platforms and start scrolling. …

Course 4 in deep learning specialization (1st-week notes)

Update: If you have not read my previous articles on the notes of the other three deep learning specialization courses, then please do check out the series: article 1, article 2, article 3, article 4, article 5, article 6, article 7, article 8 and article 9.

Nowadays, deep learning is proving to be useful in several domains such as self-driving cars, healthcare, object detection, image recognition, and many more. In the image recognition field, when the size of the image is small, a neural network with a small number of hidden units perform well but if the size of the…

Structuring Machine Learning Projects (Week 2 Notes)

We reached halfway in learning this specialization course. For week 1 notes please check out this article.

When we are trying to upscale our algorithm to perform like humans, and if it doesn't perform up to that mark, manually examining the mistakes can provide insights into what to do next. This process is known as error analysis.

Before spending months trying to increase the performance of the algorithm by focusing on a specific solution, one should utilize error analysis to identify whether it is worthy or not. Let’s understand this with example. We have a cat classifier and it has…

Wow-what a fascinating field it is !! I started having this feeling when I knew little about machine learning. It has brought a new perspective to the way we see every problem. I felt that every question can be answered by it and that is so exciting !!

The only challenge I had that I did not know how I should enter in this field. So like everyone I googled a question. How to make a career in data science? And I found tones of articles. …

Structuring Machine Learning Projects (1st Week Notes)

It's been a long since I started learning this specialization course but in between, I feel overwhelmed about the kind of content available for me to learn in the field of machine learning and keep on browsing the other things losing touch with this one. This time I have decided to complete the certification and then only move forward with practicing other courses.

Have you felt similar challenges while planning to switch careers in this really lucrative field? If yes, do post in the comments. …

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